CHS Attendance Call Line: 906.337.6280

Attendance Procedure

  •  Call when your student is not in school

  • You have two days to excuse your son/daughter’s absence

  • You may also send in a note stating the days/periods and reason for absence

  • If a student is not in attendance and the school has not been contacted, the school will make an attempt to reach the parent/guardian

  • Please be certain that day and evening as well as emergency contact phone number(s) are available to the school

  • If you wish to speak to school personnel, please call 337-0311 ext. 2209

Students who need to leave school during the day are required to sign-out in the assistant principal’s office prior to their departure. Failure to do so will result in an assigned detention. Students should bring in a note from the doctor or dentist each time they have an appointment that results in an absence.

Students arriving on a late bus are to report, without exception, to the room assigned upon their arrival. They are not authorized to go elsewhere in the building. Failure to do so will result in an assigned detention.

Excused Absences

Parents/guardians have an obligation to report student absences to the school either by note or by phone within two school days following an absence. Absences will be considered unexcused if not reported to the attendance line by the parent/guardian within two days of the student’s return. Each marking period, students will be allowed up to five sick days in any class without a penalty. For each period/day excused, students will be given one school day to make up their missed work. The following are examples of excused absences:

  • Personal illness

  • Illness of an immediate family member

  • Funeral leave

  • Medical or dental appointments

  • Court proceedings

  • Awaiting disposition of student discipline policy

  • Out-of-school suspension

  • Emergency child-care situations

  • Religious holiday observance

  • Post-secondary school visits

  • Family vacation* (Families are encouraged to use school vacation time for travel; however, it is understood that there are circumstances when this is not possible)

For each excused absence above five, a student’s grade will be reduced 3%, unless s/he uses the recovery program as outlined below.

Excused Absence Recovery

To avoid the grade reduction for over five excused absences in a grading period, students have the opportunity to make up excused absences during scheduled detention time, during scheduled Saturday School and/or during a time approved by the teacher of the affected class. Students are required to attend one hour of make-up time for each class period missed. In most cases, all make-up sessions must be completed within two weeks of the sixth and subsequent excused absences.

Exempt Absences

Exempt absences will be granted for school-related activities (such as sporting events, field trips, etc.). Exempt absences for school related activities are not counted as part of the five allowed excused absences. However, students must take the initiative to obtain assignments that will be given during the exempt absence and, to avoid having the assignment considered late, students must turn in due assignments on the regular class schedule.

Exempt Funeral absences will be granted for the death of an immediate family member. An exempt absence for this reason may require proper verification (such as a funeral notice.) Exempt absences for funeral leave are not counted as part of the five allowed excused absences. For each period/day excused, students will be given one school day to make up their missed work.

* There is no grade penalty for exempt absences. Suspensions are not regarded as absences.


Students reporting to class a without a written note from a staff member after the second bell but less than ten minutes into the class will be considered tardy. Arriving to class more than ten minutes late to class is considered an unexcused absence. Three unexcused tardies per class in one marking period will result in disciplinary action. Additional unexcused tardies (after three) will each result in an additional disciplinary action increasing in severity. Car problems will not be considered excusable tardies. Buses are available. If students choose to drive to school, tardiness will be considered unexcused.

Absence Appeals Procedure

Because absences may negatively affect a student’s grade, an appeals process exists for the student and his/her parent/guardian. Excused absences beyond five due to extenuating circumstances may only be appealed for the current marking period. Absences occurring in a previous marking period will not be considered. Appeal requests shall be submitted, in writing, to the building principal for presentation to the Appeals Committee.

Unexcused Absences

Students who are truant from school may not make up work and are subject to discipline under the CLK Code of Conduct. The following situations constitute unexcused absences:

  • absences NOT approved by parent or guardian

  • leaving the building during the school day without permission

  • failure to report to class

  • missing more than ten minutes of any class without a valid pass

For each unexcused absence, a student’s grade will be reduced 3%.

Unexcused Absences in Study Hall

Students who are unexcused from study hall will be assigned a detention.  Every absence beyond five in study hall will result in disciplinary action.

The Mechanics of the Attendance Policy

In an effort to keep the parent/guardian informed as well as to enlist support in resolving attendance issues, the school will attempt to make contact by phone. This will be impossible, of course, in situations where there is no telephone. Parents also will be notified by mail after the fifth excused absence. Parents may access student information at any time through the Family Access system as outlined below.

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